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6 December 2022

Struggling with an assignment? Contract cheating is NOT the answer

Are your assignments starting to pile up? If personal circumstances are making it hard for you to study, you’re finding the unit concepts difficult to grasp or you face language barriers, the stress can build pretty quickly too.

Ensure you use the legitimate study help that’s available and never turn to illegal cheating services. Making the wrong decision could have lifelong consequences for your degree and career.

‘Contract cheating’ is where you get someone to do part or all of your assignment or exam, and then claim it as your own. This includes asking friends or family to do the work for you or paying a company that promotes ‘study or assignment help’.

How to recognise a contract cheating service

Commercial contract cheating services offer to:

It’s not always easy to identify illegal cheating services, but you should avoid any company that offers the above services via social media, email or on-campus advertising. Sometimes you’ll even see these services promoted on otherwise legitimate study help sites.

Some of these services just offer ‘help’ with your work, while others are more explicit and ‘guarantee’ you a high grade. Either way, they’re illegal. It’s a good idea to:

If you’ve received an advertisement for contract cheating services in your student inbox, please hit the ‘Report phishing’ button or forward the email to [email protected]. If you know of students at Deakin who are promoting or using contract cheating services, you can raise your concerns with the Student Conduct Team (this can be anonymous).

Cheating could ruin your degree – and your career

If you use cheating services, you could:

Think you can get away with it? Think again

It’s easier than ever for universities to detect cheating and we take it very seriously. It’s only a matter of time until we catch any student who uses a contract cheating service. You could be identified by cheating services exchanging your details on platforms we monitor or by individual writers sharing their portfolio to find work with other cheating services.

You might only use a contract cheating service once to get through a particularly stressful time, but the consequences of being caught could mean that you lose your entire degree even after you’ve graduated and built a career.

We can help you study honestly

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