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Four students sitting around a desk at Deakin Downtown

16 November 2022

Avoid the cheating trap: do our quiz to understand what’s allowed, and what’s not

While you’re at Deakin, you’ll hear a lot about academic integrity. It’s a bit of a mouthful, but you need to understand what it means – your degree could be at stake if you don’t.

Academic integrity is about:

Cheating is never the right answer

We all know that cheating is wrong, but uni life can get complicated and stressful – so we’re here to help you do the right thing and ensure that your degree isn’t compromised at any stage.

There may sometimes be circumstances where you’re tempted to cheat – perhaps you’re under a lot of pressure, you’ve left things to the last minute or you’re not sure exactly how to complete your assignment.

Or maybe you’re not completely clear about what’s cheating and what’s not. Things like referencing and working in groups can be complicated and involve grey areas that are hard to interpret. Unfortunately, students are also common targets of dodgy academic services and resources that may seem legitimate.

How confident are you that you’re studying honestly? Take our short quiz below to find out. For each scenario, ask yourself: is there a breach of academic integrity or not?

How did you go? If you didn’t get everything correct, don’t stress – there’s lots of helpful information available on our academic integrity website. Even if you scored 100%, we encourage you to check out this info, which covers things like:

We also encourage you to become familiar with our Student Code of Conduct and Student Academic Integrity Policy.

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