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Rear view of four young men on hillside

10 June 2022

Hey fellas: this Men’s Health Week, it’s time to pay attention to your body and mind!

Do you identify as a male? Great, please read on – we really want you to stop and take a few minutes to think about your health.

Why? Well, there’s a bunch of reasons, including the fact that the health of men and boys in Australia doesn’t always get a lot of attention – even though males experience significantly higher rates of addiction, violence, crime, accidents and premature death than do females. More men also die from cancer, heart disease, homicide and suicide, often because issues aren’t treated early enough.

This Men’s Health Week, which runs from Monday 13 to Sunday 19 June, we’re shining a spotlight on these issues, as well as talking about ways to make your home, study and social environments more physically, mentally and emotionally healthy.

Why aren’t men properly invested in their own health?

Many Australian men and boys don’t pay proper attention to their physical, social, emotional or spiritual health due to a lack of awareness, poor health education and culturally conditioned behaviour patterns in their work and personal lives. But the contemporary health problems for guys are real, including:

Any of that sound familiar? You’re not alone – and here at Deakin we want to be part of the solution.

A week to kickstart a lifetime of good habits

It’s important to realise that men’s health is about wellness as much as it’s about illness. Having a positive and proactive attitude to all aspects of your health is vital. Throughout Men’s Health Week, be inspired by some of our male Wellbeing Ambassadors, who are bravely sharing their own personal health and wellbeing journeys.

Meet Jack, Sokret and Calvin – your fearless men’s health warriors who will chat all things men’s health – from mental health and hobbies to fitness and family. Follow them on our Deakin Life Insta stories throughout the week for insights, advice and healthy habits to adopt.

DeakinACTIVE is also on board this Men’s Health Week. Stay tuned to DeakinACTIVE Insta and Facebook to hear from male staff and students about some mental health challenges they’ve faced and get some tips to help you feel your best. 

We’ve also got you covered if you’re keen to get your body moving this week – find out what’s on and discover DeakinACTIVE’s June special offers.

Or discover what community events are happening in your area this Men’s Health Week – you may even want to organise your own!

Get checked out and ask for help when needed

When it comes to your health, early detection can be crucial. If you feel that something’s a bit off, either physically or mentally, seek help early. Our on-campus Deakin Medical Centres are an accessible and safe space, and confidential consultations with our friendly doctors and nurses are bulk-billed.

You can also talk to a Deakin counsellor, visit our Ask Counselling blog or download the DeakinWELLBEING app – your one-stop-shop for all things health.

And remember to check in with your mates regularly too – a simple conversation could save a life.

There’s also heaps of handy resources and info to help you get a handle on your health. Check out some useful men’s health infographics, and visit the Australian Men’s Health Forum, Beyond Blue and the Better Health Channel.

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