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Student smiling as studies at home

26 January 2022

How to prepare and build confidence before you sit your T3 exams

As we enter Week 10, you’ll likely be thinking about any Trimester 3 exams you’ve got coming up. Exams are an opportunity to show what you know and should make you feel energised to perform at your best. But in reality, you might be feeling anxious. This is normal – most people experience some degree of anxiety when faced with an exam.

What’s important is learning to manage your anxiety in a productive way.

Research indicates that mild levels of anxiety can improve alertness and provide the burst of energy needed to get through demanding situations, which will help you perform well in an exam situation. However, too much anxiety can be debilitating; it might affect your concentration and memory or cause you to panic.

So, a small amount of anxiety together with confidence is the key. We’ve put together some information that will help you develop techniques to improve your confidence and to manage your nerves. 


In the lead-up to your exam

During your exam

There’s more in-depth information about building your exam confidence on the current students website, plus more general exam preparation information including tips for different types of exam formats and questions. If you need more personalised help preparing for your exams, you can also book an appointment with a Language and Learning Adviser or with a Deakin counsellor.

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