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Man receiving Band-Aid on arm from nurse following vaccination

12 October 2021

Victoria’s Roadmap: do you understand Deakin’s vaccination requirements?

Deakin is aiming to become a fully vaccinated study and work environment for all staff and students, working closely with Government and aligned with the Government Roadmap.   

We all want Deakin to be the safest possible environment for study and work, which means getting as close as possible to full vaccination for all our community.  

What are the vaccination requirements and when will they apply?  

In line with public health orders, students undertaking a Victorian placement within these listed industries during Friday 15October to Friday 5 November, you must provide evidence of your vaccination to Deakin before 15 October.

Students attending Burwood Campus, during this same time, for permitted learning activities, must still provide an Approved Worker Permit. Students can access the regional campuses, for permitted learning, without the need to carry an Authorised Worker Permit, as per current restrictions. 

Other key dates:  

Read more about Our plans to reopen campus on Deakin Life.  

Are you a permitted student or approved essential worker? (Applies to metropolitan Melbourne only)  

To be a permitted student or approved essential worker, you will need to be eligible and have been issued an Authorised Provider and Authorised Worker Permit. Existing permits can continue to be used up until 5 November to access Burwood Campus for permitted learning. 

If you need an Authorised Provider and Authorised Worker Permit in metropolitan Melbourne? 

To be eligible to be issued an Authorised Provider and Authorised Worker Permit (metro Melbourne only) an individual must be undertaking permitted higher education study or eligible authorised work, under at least one of the descriptors on the authorised provider and authorised worker list.   

Can I attend campus after 5 November if I am not fully vaccinated?   

Students and staff will not be able to attend campus from 5 November 2021 unless fully vaccinated or eligible for an exemption. Access to campus will continue to be limited based on the Victorian Roadmap.  

We will provide further information for students  around submitting evidence of vaccination/exemption closer to 5 November, following more government health advice.   

What if I am a vulnerable student?   

If you feel unsafe or threatened while studying from home, Safer Community can provide support and advice, including access to campus if deemed necessary: 

If you have significant financial, technology, internet, or health and wellbeing issues, please contact Student Central. They will refer you to appropriate support, including access to campus if deemed necessary. Please note: any approved access to Burwood Campus will require an authorised permit arranged on your behalf through Student Central.   

After the 5 November vulnerable students will be required to be fully vaccinated to attend campus, unless they have a valid exemption.

What are the reasons for exemptions and otherwise exempt activities?  

Students and staff might be exempt if they are unable to be vaccinated because of a medical contraindication as determined by ATAGI clinical guidance. If you believe you meet one of the defined exemption requirements, you will be required to provide a certificate from a medical practitioner.   

How can I provide evidence of an exemption?

A person is an excepted person:   

  1. if the person holds certification from a medical practitioner that the person is unable to receive a dose, or a further dose, of a COVID-19 vaccine due to a medical contraindication; or  
  2. if the person holds certification from a medical practitioner that the person is unable to receive a dose, or a further dose, of a COVID-19 vaccine due to an acute medical illness (including where the person has been diagnosed with SARS-CoV-2).  

How will I prove my vaccination status?

As per Government guidelines Deakin is taking a staged approach to opening our campuses to those who are vaccinated, including the first milestone date of Friday 15 October. From this date, all students attending placement in metro Melbourne, will be required to demonstrate evidence of meeting the vaccination requirements of those industries under the public health order. 

Read It’s easy to prove you’re fully vaccinated against COVID-19 – here’s how.  

I have already provided evidence of my vaccination to Deakin as part of a placement or other requirement?

Given the new government health order, we ask that you resubmit If you have previously provided vaccine evidence to Deakin for the purposes of experiential learning or placements, please use the process outlined to re-submit vaccination evidence.   

Where to get help and further information?

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