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31 January 2020

Deakin’s COVIDSafe FAQs

​​​​​​​**Updated Sunday 13 October**

With the Premier’s announcement of Victoria’s Roadmap: Delivering The National Plan, there will be continuous changes to the COVIDSafe settings

Despite these changes to restrictions, our campuses remain closed currently, with access limited to essential staff and those students living on campus. Current exemptions still apply for health and biomedical science students, some final-year students attending experiential learning and vulnerable students

Read Our plans to re-open the campus and the Premier’s announcement on the Vaccination required to protect worksers and Victoria


Essential FAQ’s

Current restrictions in metropolitan Melbourne, Mitchell Shire, and Mildura Rural City Council

During this lockdown there are only six reasons you can leave your home:

  1. shopping for necessary goods and services (once per day, one person per household)
  2. caregiving or compassionate reasons, including medical care or to get a COVID-19 test
  3. authorised work (with a permit) or permitted education
  4. exercise (once a day for up to 4 hours, and that 4 hours includes any time spent outdoors socialising in limited groups)
  5. outdoor social interaction in limited groups (once a day for up to 4 hours, and that 4 hours includes any time spent on exercise)
  6. to get a COVID-19 vaccination (provided the distance travelled, and the time taken is no more than is absolutely necessary)

A stay-at-home curfew is in place for metropolitan Melbourne, between 9 pm and 5 am, you cannot leave your home (or the home of your intimate partner or bubble buddy) other than for limited reasons, including:

Face masks are to be worn at all times – both indoors and outdoors – except if you’re at home or an exemption applies

travel limit of 15 kilometres from your primary place of residence applies. Travel is allowed for authorised work or permitted education. Permits are required, and more detail is provided below.

Current settings in regional Victoria (excl. the above named LGA)

Playing your part

If you’re concerned you have been at an exposure site, you must visit the Victorian Government exposure site listing and follow the instructions carefully.    

If you feel unwell, it is essential you get tested promptly at a COVID-19 testing site and follow the instructions.

Information about Australia’s COVID-19 vaccination program is being updated based on this latest outbreak. We strongly encourage eligible students to take up the opportunity for vaccination as soon as they are eligible. Regardless of any current restrictions, you’re allowed to leave home and travel to get vaccinated.

Learning and other uni activities

From Friday October 15

From the start of Trimester 3, Friday 5 November

From Monday 31 January 2022

Permits and permitted clinical placements, experiential learning and work-integrated learning

Experiential learning is still permitted for some healthcare and final-year students.

Permits are required when travelling to undertake permitted learning activities. Your permit will be emailed to your Deakin email address before the scheduled activity begins. If you haven’t received your permit by 4pm on the day before your scheduled activity, check your unit site for confirmation you need a permit, and then contact Student Central.

Permitted student health and medical placements will continue where partner institutions remain open, including those beyond the five-kilometre limit. Work-integrated learning will continue online or be postponed. We’ll contact you if you’re affected.

Please continue to check your unit sites and Deakin email for updated information.

Vulnerable students

If you feel unsafe or threatened while studying or working from home, Safer Community can provide support and advice, including access to campus if deemed necessary.

If you have significant financial, technology, internet, or health and wellbeing issues, please contact Student Central. They will refer you to appropriate support, including access to campus if deemed necessary. Please note: any approved access to campus will require an authorised permit arranged on your behalf through Student Central.

To ensure your safety and the safety of our entire Deakin community, please:

COVID-19 Vaccination Digital Certificate 

Victorians can add their COVID-19 digital certificate to the Service Victoria app through MyGov or the Express Medicare Plus App. As we progress through Victoria’s Roadmap and the National Roadmap you will be required to show proof of vaccination you can use the vaccination card you received when you got your second dose of vaccine.

Anyone aged 14 and above can get their immunisation history statement or digital certificate using either:

If you do not have a smart phone visit Services Australia for information on how to get proof of your COVID-19 vaccination.

It important to note that your immunisation history may take up to 10 days to update. It is recommended you keep your booking confirmation or card received at the time of vaccination for this time.

Accessing support and assistance

You can continue to access a range of Deakin support services online:

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