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Two students reviewing work together at Burwood Campus

4 October 2021

We’re looking for Deakin Maths Mentors – apply now!

Do you love to crunch numbers?

If the answer is yes, come join us! We’re currently seeking to recruit more Maths Mentors to join the Students Helping Students team in 2022.

To apply, you must be a current student who has completed at least eight units of undergraduate study at Deakin by the commencement of T1 2022, and have a strong interest in mathematics and helping students better understand how they can succeed at Deakin. This is a paid role with training provided and you’ll work with students in both face-to-face and online environments.

You can learn more about Maths Mentors on the Current Students website or visit UniHub. Applications close Friday 12 November (Week 1, T3 2021).

So what’s it like being a Maths Mentor, you ask?

Current student and Senior Maths Mentor Daniel Coomber gave us his insights into what he enjoys about being a Maths Mentor.

Why did you become a Maths Mentor?
I became a Maths Mentor as I have always enjoyed mentoring and helping people, and this seemed like a great opportunity to combine that with my enjoyment of maths.

What are the most common problems that students bring to you?
The most common problems I’ve seen are with algebra, a lot of students come knowing what they have to do to solve the problem, but unsure of how to rearrange the equation to get their answer.

What are your go-to tips for students who want to improve their maths?
Identifying which part of the problem is tripping you up is a great way to improve, like maybe you understand the concepts behind the equation, however you can’t work out how to rearrange it, so you can identify algebra as a point to work on.

Following identifying the issue, practice is the best thing a student can do, taking some time to work on improving any skills you identified as problematic, researching them online (MathsIsFun is great!) and doing practice questions will greatly improve your maths ability.

How can a student get the most out of their interactions with a Maths Mentor?
To get the most out of an interaction with a Maths Mentor I’d say to have an idea of what you need help with when you come in, whether it’s a specific question that’s tripping you up or a concept you’re unsure about, it’s easier for us to help if we know what we’re helping with.

What is your favourite thing about being a Maths Mentor?
My favourite thing about being a Maths Mentor is all the new maths I get to see, people bring in maths problems from heaps of different fields and I really enjoy getting to work with them and learning about the maths as I go.

Submit your application to become a Maths Mentor today! If you have any queries, please direct these to [email protected].

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