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14 September 2021

Do you need to withdraw from a unit? You can now do so without academic penalty until the end of the T2 teaching period

We understand it’s a tough time right now. The ongoing uncertainty stemming from COVID-19 continues to impact our plans and we know it is a stressful period for many of you within the Deakin community.

If you have found it difficult to focus on your studies this trimester and need to withdraw from a unit now before the final assessment period commences, you now have more time to do so without incurring an academic penalty on your records.

Deakin has extended the Trimester 2 deadline for you to withdraw late from a unit from this week (Monday 13 September 2021) to Sunday 3 October 2021, following the last teaching day of the trimester on Friday 1 October.

What this extension means for you

This extension to the deadline means you now have until 11.59pm on Sunday 3 October to withdraw from a unit, for which you’ll receive a result of ‘Withdrawn Late’ (WL) on your academic transcript. Please note any applications to withdraw from a unit received from Monday 4 October 2021 will incur a final result of ‘Withdrawn Fail’ (WN) on your record.

Remember that if you opt to withdraw from a unit at this point in the trimester, you remain liable for the relevant tuition fees as the Trimester 2 census date (Sunday 15 August 2021) has now passed.

Need advice before making a decision to withdraw from a unit?

We encourage you to contact Student Central and make an appointment to speak with one of our friendly Student Advisers if you have any questions about your units, course and/or enrolment. 

Your wellbeing matters – we’re here to help

If you find you are feeling excessively stressed or anxious, begin to withdraw from friends and family, or notice unusual symptoms or emotions, it might be wise to seek some help. For emergency, 24-hour support, contact LifeLine or SuicideLine. Deakin also has a range of student services to support you: 

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