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11 May 2021

5 essential things you must do before you sit your exams

As highlighted in our T1/S1 guide to exams, most exams and final assessments will be delivered through your CloudDeakin unit site in T1/S1, with some students undertaking specific exams at physical exam locations due to course/unit accreditation requirements.

With exam time due to begin early next month, here is a checklist of essential things you need to do now to successfully prepare for your online or venue-based exams. 

1. Check all of your unit sites

Each of your unit sites will now have information about your T1/S1 final assessments or exams. You must check each unit site individually, as the tasks and requirements will vary for each unit.

Don’t leave this to the last minute – take the time now to familiarise yourself with the details of your exams and your requirements. This will allow you time to contact your Unit Chair for clarification if you’re unable to locate exam information.

2. Complete some practice exams

You’ll be given opportunities to engage in some practice exams in your unit or course site. Make the most of these learning tools! Completing practice assessments has always been a valuable way of preparing for venue-based exams, and it is especially important now if you are not accustomed to undertaking online forms of assessment.

This practice will ensure you don’t feel confused about what is expected of you on the day of your exam. And, you’ll still have enough time to undertake more revision or to ask questions in your unit discussion boards and/or contact your Unit Chair for help. 

3. Confirm exactly when your online or venue-based exams are scheduled

Check (and double-check!) in StudentConnect the times when your online or venue-based exams are to be held and record these in your diary. Do this now, so you’re well prepared and can block out enough time before each assessment to get your things ready and mentally prepare yourself. 

Start times for exams are listed in the examination timetable which was released to students in StudentConnect on Tuesday 27 April 2021 (AEST).

Sitting an online exam?

All essential details, including time-limits and the time period during which you must complete any online exams, are listed in your unit sites. 

Remember: you need to double-check Deakin has your correct address/exam location details now. In your exam timetable, you’ll see we have recorded a ‘Current location’ for you. This location does not mean you will be sitting your exam at this venue, however it is important that this represents the timezone you’ll be in during exams. Most online final assessments will be time-limited and require you to start at the Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) listed in StudentConnect. If you need to set or change your location for timezone purposes, you can do so until Tuesday 18 May (no further changes will be possible after 18 May). Please do this as early as possible, as updating this information is important for the timing of your exam.

4. Plan the days you’ll sit an exam ahead of time

Now is the time to decide where you will complete your online exams and begin planning. If you have any venue-based exams, you should begin making travel arrangements and noting anything you will need on the day.

Please note if you’re registered with Deakin’s Disability Resource Centre (DRC) for special needs, Access Plan adjustments will be applied to exams where relevant. You’ll receive information about your arrangements via your Deakin email and unit sites. 

Plan where you’ll sit your online exams

Start setting up your space now to ensure it is well-lit, comfortable, quiet and free from distractions. It’s a good idea to get your study space ready now to reduce the risk of technical disruptions.

For more practical advice in setting up your space, including troubleshooting tips to help you during your exam, read our CloudDeakin technical support information and FAQs to ensure your online exams go smoothly. Keep this information on hand during your exams in case you experience technical troubles on the day and need to contact IT for assistance.

And if something does go wrong during your exam? Remember you can contact the IT Help team on 1800 463 888. Service Desk support is available 8am–10pm Monday to Friday and 9am–5pm Saturday to Sunday (AEST) during the entire exam period (Monday 7–Saturday 19 June 2021).

Make arrangements for any venue-based exams

If you’ll be sitting an exam at a Deakin campus or other specified location, plan early to reduce any unnecessary stress on the day.

5. Be aware of special consideration processes

To request special consideration for T1/S1 exams, please note documentary evidence will be required to support your application.

Medical reasons – Where an application for special consideration relates to a medical condition, a medical certificate is required but conditions apply – please see the Special Consideration webpage for details.

Technology issues and special consideration during exams T1 2021

In the June 2021 exam period, all exams including supplementary and special exams, have 45 minutes additional time built into the exam duration for resolving technology issues. As such, technology issues will not normally be grounds for special consideration, where the full allotment of exam time (exam duration + reading time) has been provided.

What you need to know about special consideration due to technology issues

  1. If I have a tech issue that lasts less than 45 minutes, will I be granted special consideration? It’s unlikely unless you can demonstrate extenuating circumstances with relevant documentation.
  2. When should I start to upload or submit my exam? Check your unit site or seek advice from your unit chair regarding the duration of your exam. Allow plenty of time to submit or upload your exam paper.
  3. If I complete my exam but am unable to submit due to technology issues, what should I do? As soon as you experience technology issues, contact the IT Service Desk who may be able to resolve your issue.


Please note in regards to all exams, you’ll need to apply for special consideration via StudentConnect no later than three working days after the due date of your final online exam. Visit the Special Consideration webpage for full details on how to apply for this trimester. Consideration in marking is not an outcome of Special Consideration.

Good luck!

Remember a little early preparation can help alleviate pre-exam nerves and help you avoid difficulties at the time you sit your exams. Start organising yourself as soon as you can so you can focus on what matters – your studies. Wishing you all the very best in your final weeks of T1/S1.

For more information about T1/S1 exams, see Deakin’s General exam information webpage and our recent blog Your guide to T1/S1 exams and final assessments.

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