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Group of students chatting at Burwood Campus

22 March 2021

Enhance your degree and employability with the new Global Citizenship Program

Do you want to develop your skills in areas that are important in the global workplace and community? More than ever, employers are looking for workers who are globally aware, culturally sensitive, and adapt well to new and diverse environments.

We can help! Deakin has relaunched the Global Citizenship Program (GCP), which offers diverse global learning experiences such as:

How it works

View a full list of GCP-endorsed activities on the Deakin Abroad application portal and choose what appeals to you.

Once you’ve completed your global learning experiences, you can apply for a Global Citizenship Award, including our Deakin GCP micro-credential and the option of a further CQAccelerator micro-credential.

What’s new

Originally launched in 2011, the GCP has recently been enhanced to include:

The GCP is primarily non-credit bearing, but will solidify your skills and knowledge of what it takes to be a true Global Citizen. So join a community of more than 10,000 students who’ve learnt how to work in global contexts and better understand other cultures.

Learn more about the new GCP or email [email protected] with any questions.

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