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21 March 2021

How to manage blended study: dos, don’ts and staying safe online

How are you settling into Trimester 1? As you adapt to a blended learning model this study period – in which the majority of your classes and seminars will be online – we want you to know that the whole University community is behind you and is here to help you succeed, no matter where you’re studying.

We’ve had the chance over the past year really think about how to make online study work for you, and we’ve heard from many students about their experiences so far. One important thing we know is that the online study space needs to be a safe, respectful and enjoyable place for everyone; the same as the environment you’d expect when learning face-to-face on campus.

To help ensure this is the case, we’ve compiled a list of dos and don’ts to guide your blended learning experience in T1. Following these simple guidelines will make it easy to maintain the appropriate level of respect as you study both online and on campus – towards your fellow students, your teachers and other staff.



There are consequences for poor behaviour

Any Deakin student who behaves inappropriately in any face-to-face or online live teaching and learning space will be cautioned. If the behaviour continues, the student will be asked to leave. Staff will report discriminatory or offensive language, bullying or harassment to the Student Conduct Team, which investigates allegations of poor student behaviour, conduct issues and policy breaches.

If you witness or experience poor behaviour by a fellow student online or on campus, or something that makes you feel unsafe, uncomfortable or threatened, you can report it through a simple online form. Student Conduct will respect your privacy, and you can report your concerns anonymously or on behalf of someone else if you wish.

Support is available if you’re struggling

If you start to find blended study challenging, or you have personal or emotional issues that are making it hard for you to study effectively, help is available at the touch of a button. You can access everything from IT and study support to health and wellbeing assistance:

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