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March 14, 2020

Deakin’s COVID-19 FAQs


Attending our campuses, travel permits and support – 5 August 2020

Are Deakin campuses open? [updated 5 August]

Detailed information regarding campus access is provided below.

  • All classes and seminars will continue to be delivered online.
  • Burwood Campus – On-campus teaching at Burwood Campus will now be restricted to exempt units in nursing and midwifery. If you’re enrolled in another unit that was being delivered on-campus at Burwood, further information for students enrolled in impacted units will be provided next week (week commencing 10 August) with alterations communicated via your unit sites. 
  • Geelong and Warrnambool – Prioritised practicals and labs will continue as timetabled at Waurn Ponds, Waterfront and Warrnambool campuses.
  • Students who live in Stage 4 restriction areas that are studying nursing, midwifery, optometry, medicine and medical imaging, at Geelong campuses may travel to attend practical and labs with a Permitted Worked Permit. (See travel and permits below.)
  • For our HDR students, approved critical research activity will continue at Burwood Campus under strict protocols and monitoring and Local Area Management Plans. Please contact your supervisor if you are unsure or have questions. In regional areas, Geelong and Warrnambool, on-campus and fieldwork research activity that has already been prioritised and approved will continue unchanged, under strict protocols and monitoring and Local Area Management Plans.
Burwood Campus access is by exemption only 

The only students eligible to attend Burwood Campus are those scheduled for nursing and midwifery pracs and labs and HDR students involved in critical research activity that has been exempt and approved are also eligible to attend. HDR students with questions should contact their supervisor.

Students eligible and approved to attend campus will need to:

  • Carry a letter of confirmation of the need to travel (see travel and permits below)
  • Sign in and sign out with Security in Building C each time you attend campus
  • Wear a face covering and adhere to all COVIDSafe practices outlined in your learning module
  • Even with permission to be on any campus, you must not attend campus if you are unwell. Please read Your Health and Wellbeing

Can I travel to for study [updated 5 August]

Allowable travel for students within Stage 4 restrictions is as follows includes:

  • Where a student is travelling from Melbourne to a regional campus for study allowed under Stage 4 restrictions (as outlined above).
  • Clinical students travelling to a regional campus who are undertaking a placement in registered health professional programs.
  • A regional-based researcher undertaking approved fieldwork in another regional area that requires travel through the Stage 4 restricted area.

How do I get a travel permit? [updated 5 August]

Anyone who is travelling within or across the Stage 4 restricted area of Melbourne for their studies, needs to carry a letter of confirmation of the need to travel.

Those students identified as eligible under the Stage 4 restrictions to attend Burwood Campus or travel as outlined above will receive an email with details relating the confirmation of the need to travel.

If you have not received an email within the next 24 hours and believe you meet eligibility requirements to attend Burwood Campus or travel, please check your unit site for information or contact Student Central.

What if I don’t have internet access at home? [updated 5 August]

If you do not have access to internet connectivity or a computer at home, you may still access certain spaces on campus (excluding Burwood Campus).

Everyone must practise social distancing to slow the spread of COVID-19, and for this reason, these spaces all have occupancy limits. The maximum number of people allowed in any space will be outlined on a poster at the front door. Please respect these numbers and stay 1.5 metres away from others in the room at all times.

These buildings will still be accessible to students:

  • WAURN PONDS – JC (Library) computer lab
  • WATERFRONT – Building D computer lab (Accessed via Western Beach Road)
  • WARRNAMBOOL – Building J level 2 computer lab

This list will be updated progressively as things change, including if on-campus access is no longer permissible.

Is Student Central operating? [updated 3 August]

Student Central hubs on all campuses are closed for face-to-face enquiries. Student Central is operating with all core services delivered by phone, email or online.  

  • Monday to Thursday:     8.30am to 7pm
  • Friday:                               8.30am to 6pm
  • Saturday:                          10am to 2pm

What about University events?  [updated 30 July]

At this stage, all University events have been postponed or cancelled including Graduation and Orientation events. 


Accessing services and spaces on campus – 3 August 2020

Service or program 





Student Central

Phone and email support

  • Monday to Thursday:     8.30am to 7.00pm
  • Friday:                               8.30am to 6.00pm
  • Saturday:                          10.00am to 2.00pm
Open NO YES  
Deakin Medical Centre 
Face-to-face and phone appointments. Must be
booked online or via phone prior to arrival.
Open  YES appointment only YES  ALL 
Counselling and Psychological Services 
Phone and online appointments. Contact the
service if you need assistance. 
Open  NO  YES  ALL 
Safer Community 
Phone and online appointments. Contact the
service if you need assistance.
Open  NO  YES  ALL 
International Student Advisers 
Phone and online consultations. Contact the
service if you need assistance.
Open  NO  YES  ALL 
Multifaith Chaplains 
Contact preferred chaplain via phone or email.
Open  NO  YES  ALL 
Language and Learning Advisers 
Online appointments must be booked online 
Open  NO  YES  ALL 
Operating as usual for live tutoring and writing feedback  
Open   NA YES   ALL 
Writing Mentors 
No appointment needed – drop in online 
from 10am – 6pm daily or contact via email  
Open  NO  YES  ALL 
Maths Mentors 
No appointment needed – drop in online from
11am-3pm daily. Plus 4 – 6pm Tues and
Thursday or contact via email  
Open  NO  YES  ALL 
Online sessions – Check PASS site for units
and times of sessions  
Open  NO  YES  ALL 
Warrnambool study hall  
Students at Warrnambool can access online
peer support services as an alternative  
Closed   NO NO   WB  
DeakinMOVES  App Available  NA YES  ALL 
Library – counters  Closed  NO    ALL 
Disability Resource Centre (DRC) 
DRC operating during the usual hours via
phone or email. 
Open  NO  YES  ALL 
DUSA Advocacy 
Phone and email support only 
Open  NO  YES  ALL 
DUSA Legal Service 
Phone and email support only 
Open  NO  YES  ALL 
IT Help – Library drop-in 
Counter support available in Library closed. 
Phone and email support only 
Closed  NO  YES  ALL 

Spaces on campuses 





Student Central Hubs
Phone, online chat and email support 
Closed  NO   ALL 
Health and Wellbeing Centres 
Medical Centres by appointment only  
Open – for appointment only By appointment    ALL 
Deakin Waurn Ponds Outdoor Sports Precinct 
No access 
Closed NO   ALL 
DeakinACTIVE Fitness Centres 
No access 
Closed  NO   ALL 
Library No access Burwood Campus. Limited access to Geelong and Warrnambool campus library spaces. No face-to-face support   ALL 
Learning Spaces  Closed NO     
Computer Labs JC (Library), computer lab

Building D, computer lab (Accessed via Western Beach Road)

Building V, (Library) Level 2 computer lab

Building J, Level 2 computer lab

Limited   ALL
Prayer Rooms 
No access
Closed  NO   ALL 
Limited Cafés open on campus – takeaway only. 
Limited sites open for takeaway only      ALL 
DUSA reception 
Phone and email only
Closed NO   ALL 
Bookshop – Burwood 
No access
Closed NO   ALL 
Bookshop – online   Open    YES  ALL 
Study Abroad 
Phone and email 
Closed NO  YES  ALL 

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