Writing & Lit Seminar Series – All Welcome

Bright ideas ahoy! Writers, readers, scholars, and other lit-lovers are invited to come along to our regular seminar series, where our friendly staff, HDR students, and guests speak about their research. Check out the stellar line-up:

Wed 28 Feb, 12-1 pm: Corey Wakeling
Wed 11 April 1-2 pm: Sue Chen
Wed 2 May 1-2 pm: Lyn McCredden
Wed 6 June 1-2 pm: Nic Velissaris
Fri 15 June (Deakin Downtown), 3 to 4:45 pm: Lisa Slater
Wed 18 July 1-2 pm: Jodi McAlister
Wed 1 Aug 1-2 pm: Karen Le Rossignol
Wed 5 Sept 1-2 pm: Helen Young
Wed 3 Oct 1-2 pm: Marion May Campbell
Wed 7 Nov 1-2 pm: Patrick West and Monika Schott

Topics for each seminar will be posted in the lead-up. All welcome, but numbers are limited. For venue details, and to RSVP, please email Dr Sue Chen: sue.chen@deakin.edu.au