Our People


Prof. Bernard Rolfe 

A/Prof. Matthias Weiss

A/Prof. Michael Pereira


  Dr Mariana Paulino           

 Dr Jingsi Jiao

Dr Peng Neo Zhang

Dr Abdelrahman Essa


Achuth Sreenivas


Current PhD student

Folarin Bakare

Project: The influence of Sc+Zr additions on the Portevin-Le Chatelier (PLC) effect and formability of Al-Mg alloys

Ivan Hu

Project:The formability of roll-forming carbon fibre reinforced metal hybrid (CFRMH) components

Jeet Bhuva

Project: Deformation characteristics in a novel sheet metal forming process


Deepansh Chourasiya


Emmanuel B Shashank Didugu Lalitha Kumari
Maziar Khademi Yunzi Yan

Project: Understanding micro mechanisms in plane strain bending deformation of automotive, ultrahigh-strength Steel alloys 


Kobra Rezai

Project: Study metal sheet profiles through different forming processes and prototype intelligent control system