Roll forming at Deakin University

The roll forming group at Deakin University has been conducting roll forming related research for more than 9 years and has produced some outstanding results across numerous problems for our domestic and international industry partners. We have a number of facilities that allow us to perform roll forming experiments and prototyping studies as well as finite element analysis and advanced material characterisation.


Roll forming is a sequential forming process in which a strip is incrementally bent to the required profile by sets of rolls placed one after the other. Long parts with complex cross-sections can be produced by roll forming from sheet metal that combines high strength with limited formability such as for example Advanced High Strength (AHSS) and Ultra High Strength Steels (UHSS). In the automotive industry, higher strength steels are increasingly used for the manufacture of light weight structural and crash components and roll forming is more and more becoming the manufacturing process of choice for the forming of hard-to-form material solutions.