Current research projects

  1. (2023-2026) A fire rated wall panel system for commercial and residential construction. Cooperative Research Centres Projects (CRC-P). Speedpanel Holdings Pty Ltd; Deakin University; Formflow Pty Ltd
  2. (2022-2024) A Forming technology to produce bipolar plates for Alkaline Electrolyser cells. Hysata Pty Ltd; Deakin University
  3. (2022-2024) A first Australian made K40 crash rated fence system

Completed research projects

  1. (2021 – 2022)   IMCRC project with Speedpanel. A new advanced manufacturing technology to manufacture fire rated and acoustic panel systems
  2. (2017 – 2020) “Low volume production of longitudinal components by combining flexible roll forming and free forming”, sub-project in the ARC Training Centre in Lightweight Automotive Structures.
  3. (2017 – 2020) “Hot Stamping of Light Alloys”, sub-project in the ARC Training Centre in Lightweight Automotive Structures.
  4. (2017 – 2019) “Flexible Roll Forming of WISCO High Strength Steels”, BAOSTEEL, CASRI-2016-01.
  5. (2016 – 2018) “A new bend test to link microstructure with bending behaviour”, Ford Global – University Research Program (URP).
  6. (2017 – 2019) “Weight and cost reduction by roll forming carbon fiber metal hybrid components”, Ford Poling Challenge Project.
  7. (2013 – 2015) China Innovation Project “Advanced High Strength Steel Development and Safe Parts Manufacture Project”: Production of a high strength automotive bumper section by flexible roll forming.
  8. (2013 – 2015) Ford University Research Project (URP) “Flexible roll forming of automotive structures”: Production of high-strength automotive components by flexible roll forming.
  9. (2012 – 2015) ARC Linkage Project “Flexible Roll Forming of Advanced High Strength Steel Sheet”.
  10. (2012 – 2013) AutoCRC 3-105 “Flexible Roll Forming of a Component Section from AHSS”.
  11. (2008 – 2011) ARC Linkage Project “Design Strategy for Cold Roll Formed Products”.
  12. (2016 – 2018) ARC  Linkage Project ” Micro-roll forming of metal bipolar plates for fuel cells”.

Completed PhD projects

  1. Analysis and constitutive modelling of high strength Titanium for room temperature roll forming.
  2. Developing a detailed understanding of web-warping in the flexible roll forming of UHSS.
  3. In-line shape compensation for roll forming through process parameter monitoring.
  4. Effect of residual stresses in roll forming process of metal sheets.
  5. The production of novel structures from high strength and ultrafine-grained sheet metal through roll forming.
  6. Effect of the microstructure on the unloading characteristics of DP steel.
  7. The roll forming of magnesium sheet for automotive applications.
  8.  Size dependant material model for micro roll forming of stainless steel foil.
  9. Fracture model for roll forming martensite steel.