Documentary: ‘Last Light’

Some events refuse to settle into the stories we tell about them. Instead of resolving, Fred’s story simply orbits, back here, to Cape Otway.”

Deakin Philosophy’s A/Prof Patrick Stokes has recently produced a radio documentary, ‘Last Light: The Valentich Mystery‘ for ABC Radio National’s ‘The History Listen.’ It’s available for download now, and will broadcast at 11am Tuesday 4th June and 5:30pm Saturday 8th June.

Deakin Philosophy success in ERA

Deakin Philosophy has been awarded a result of 4, ‘Above World Standard’ in the Excellence in Research Australia (ERA) assessment exercise conducted by the Australian Research Council. The full report is available here.

In the ARC’s parallel Engagement and Impact assessment, Deakin scored ‘High’ for Engagement in Philosophy and Religious Studies. This report can be read here.

We’re delighted at this strong result. Thanks to all the Deakin philosophers, past and present, who have brought us to this point.


Book Launch: Unsettling Food Politics

Dr Christopher Mayes‘ new book, Unsettling Food Politics, is having a launch at the Institute for Post Colonial Studies (78-80 Curzon St North Melbourne) on 9th May at 7:30pm.  

The launch will involve a panel discussion with Stefano de Pieri, Lauren Rickards and Nick Rose followed by some food and drinks. Click here for more details, and register via Eventbrite.

You can also hear Christopher talking about the book on the Deakinstruction podcast.


Cathy Legg’s new ‘Pragmatism’ entry in the Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy

Pragmatism is a philosophical tradition that – very broadly – understands knowing the world as inseparable from agency within it. This general idea has attracted a remarkably rich and at times contrary range of interpretations

Deakin’s Dr Cathy Legg has just completed a major rewrite of the Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy‘s entry on Pragmatism. The SEP is one of the world’s leading resources for philosophers and it’s a testament to Dr Legg’s expertise and profile to be asked to revise such a high-profile entry.

Matt Sharpe on Enlightenment critiques of the West


Jean-Baptiste Belley, Deputy of Saint-Domingue and French National Convention member (1793-97) with a bust of Abbé Raynal.

Associate Professor Matthew Sharpe has a timely new piece in The Conversation entitled “Criticism of Western Civilisation isn’t new, it was part of the Enlightenment”:


The duelling sides in today’s cultural wars about “Western civilization” are united in one thing, at least – each is inclined to gloss over the extent to which “Western civilisation” has always been deeply complex and divided.

Read the full article here.