Philosophy as a Way of Life: New Directions in Research event

This three-day event brings together leading scholars from around the world to discuss new directions in historical, historiographical, philosophical and metaphilosophical research on philosophy as a way of life, the approach to ancient philosophy inaugurated by Ilsetraut and Pierre Hadot.

Day 1 (Mon Dec 12 (US, EU), Tue 13 (Aus Eastern, 7-9 am))

  • Matteo Stettler, “’Philosophy, Philosophical Conversion and Protreptic Discourses”.
  • Massimo Pigliucci, “Can Skepticism be a way of life? Lessons from Cicero”.
  • Caleb Cahoe, “Does Augustine Give Up Wisdom for Faith? The Relationship Between Philosophical and Religious Ways of Life”

Day 2 (Tue Dec 13/14 Wed (Aus Eastern, 7-9 am)

  • Michael Chase, “Spectator novus: on (re-) learning to see the world for the first time”.
  • John Sellars, “Renaissance humanism as a way of life”
  • Laura Mueller, “Mary Astell and Philosophy as a Way of Life”


Day 3 (Wed Dec 14/15 Thu (Aus Eastern), 7-9 am)

  • Eli Kramer, “Philosophy as a Way of Life: The Role of Systematic and Speculative Spiritual Exercises”.
  • Stephen Grimm, “How Can We Tell Which Philosophical Ways of Life” Are More Successful Than Others? An Evaluative Framework”.
  • Marta Faustino, “PWL On the Tension Field Between Metaphilosophy and History of Philosophy”.

For event registration please visit Philosophy as a Way of Life, New Research Directions Tickets

For more information, please contact A/Prof. Matthew Sharpe.