Journal of Bioethical Inquiry: Rural Bioethics

Danielle Couch (Monash University) and Christopher Mayes (Deakin University) co-edited a symposium issue of the Journal of Bioethical Inquiry on Rural Bioethics.

From their introductory essay they write:

Bioethics seeks to highlight and address inequalities and injustice in the clinical encounter as well as in the healthcare system as a whole. Yet to date, the bioethics literature on the inequalities associated with rural and regional health and the unique ethical issues that arise in these contexts has been limited. To deepen our understanding of issues and place within rural contexts we need bioethical interrogation and reflection on rural issues, experiences, and practices which impact rural people and their health and well-being.

This symposium brings together health researchers and practitioners, sociologists, science and technology studies scholars, social workers, psychologists, rural health workforce experts, and bioethicists from Australia, Canada, China, Sweden, and the United States to consider how rurality and experiences of rural places impacts on health and health outcomes and the role of bioethics.

You can access the issue here. A number of the articles are open access including