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October 10, 2022

Wellbeing in wandering

There is a limit to the amount of time I can spending staring at a computer screen. When the words on the screen start to get fuzzy, is usually when my Apple Watch starts vibrating. This alerts me to the fact that I haven’t moved in the last 50 minutes. I take this signal to do something for my wellbeing. However, I noticed my approaches to keeping my wellbeing in balance are different depending if I am on campus or at home.

On campus

When I am working on site, I usually take this cue from my watch walk to the kitchen to refill my water bottle. Perhaps I’ll take the few extra steps to use the “good” toilets on campus. I might even head over the bridge at Burwood or across the road when I am at Waterfront, to get a coffee from the “good” coffee/hot chocolate place.

Staying within the library, I could stroll around the library to look at how students are using the space. I have noticed that the big chairs at Burwood seem to be the hottest piece of property. At Waterfront, the desks facing the shore are always packed with students. I could coast over to my favourite piece of art or try to find new piece of artwork in the library.

The campuses are surrounded by great spaces to go for a wander. I could head along the creek after a lunch of tasty dumplings. Sit a pond to have lunch in the company of several waterfowls. Dawdle through Geelong to another “good” coffee/hot chocolate spot, for the second or third coffee of the day.

A variety of green leafed potted plants

Photo by Huy Phan from Pexels

At home

When I am working from home, I often ignore the alert from my watch. I walk a few steps to the kitchen to get a beverage. Yet it doesn’t feel the same sense as when I am working on campus.

Below are some tips from online resources on useful wellbeing practices:

Black Dog Institute  

The Conversation  


*DISCLAIMER: If this time of year is one of your body’s natural enemies, please be sure to have hay fever tablets and asthma puffers at the ready.

Post authored by Emeka Anele.

Posted byEmeka Anele

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