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You may not know this, but Deakin Library has teams focusing on both learning experience and digital experience. This helps us create fantastic outcomes in a range of areas: everything from creating strong learning resources to ensuring efficient systems underpin our library services. And so much more!

This DigiBytes blog is managed by an editorial team comprising members from both the Library’s Learning & Teaching (L&T) team and the Digital Experience (DX) team. This blog is an organically developing capacity building project flagging points of interest on the digital literacy – digital fluency spectrum. We aim to present the content as light touch bites with hyperlinks to further information.

Library L&T team

The Library’s Learning and Teaching Team creates innovative learning experiences by collaborating across library and organisational divisions. Deakin’s leadership in digital capability extends throughout the organisation, and this team synthesizes good pedagogical practices and technology to deliver leading edge and engaging experiences. 

Library DX team

The Digital Experience (DX) team works to deliver user-centric experiences that engage and impress students and researchers. We aim to provide consistent, high-quality, scalable digital solutions for library users. We do this through a collaborative, end-to-end approach to identifying, designing and developing and managing experiences. 

Editorial team

Craig Patterson


Craig spends a lot of time thinking about communication and how to improve it both within and across teams. Much of that work involves and informs his leadership of the library’s Learning and Teaching Team. Craig is currently the Manager, Faculty of Arts and Education Library Services, Learning and Teaching.

Elizabeth Delacrataz

Lizzy has a passion for exploring digital tools for learning. Lizzy’s work is also focused on using her learning design and collaboration skills to create engaging, online content that enhance student and staff digital literacy skills. Lizzy is the Learning and Teaching Librarian at Deakin University.

Kat Cain

Often found talking about digital fluency or digital learning, Kat is focused on practical skill building for staff and students. The two aspects that bring her the most joy in her work are the relational connections with colleagues and the new learnings or research discussions that emerge organically. Kat works for Deakin Library as a Manager, Digital Literacy Programs.

Emeka Anele

Emeka has a strong interest into how diversity can be used to re-shape libraries, as well as how new technologies can aid in library services. His current work as a learning designer for Deakin University Library is a great match to Emeka’s interest in digital learning and experimenting with digital tools and systems.

Rachael Wilson

In Rachael’s role as the Digital Experience Librarian, she is responsible for delivering user-centered experiences across the Library’s digital ecosystem. Her work covers everything from content management and strategy, user experience (UX), analytics and accessibility best practice.

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February 28, 2022

Last modified: August 5, 2022 at 2:15 pm

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