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Deakin Coastcarers group in action on the Bellarine

25 August 2023

SEBE students: join this new marine sustainability group to help care for our coastline!

Are you passionate about the environment? Don’t miss the chance to play your part in protecting our unique marine ecosystem in the Geelong and Bellarine region – sign up to become a member of Deakin Coastcarers!

This new group for Deakin students focuses on projects that engage and help local marine organisations. We’re all about creating sustainable environments in our very special part of the world to keep our coastline healthy and thriving.

So, if you’re willing and able to provide some practical, hands-on assistance, we’d love you to join us! It’s an amazing opportunity to learn in the beautiful outdoors and make professional connections with different community organisations.

Marine science student Natalie Sorraghan is already on board!

As someone passionate about the environment, it is very fulfilling to be allowed to work with marine and coastal organisations to help make a positive difference and support our native flora and fauna.

Sign up now!

To become a Deakin Coastcarer, just email [email protected] with your details! We’ll then be able to keep you up to date about upcoming events, which include:

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