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ArtsEd peer mentor Rheegan Ellis

11 August 2023

‘I’ve learned so much’: develop yourself in an ArtsEd peer mentor role like Rheegan!

We all know beginning university can feel daunting at first, which is why peer mentors play a critical role in supporting commencing students in their transition to Deakin.

The Faculty of ArtsEd Peer Mentor Program matches new ArtsEd students with a peer mentor during the first five weeks of their commencement at Deakin. Peer mentors are often matched to students who are studying the same course or similar subjects.

We’re currently seeking ArtsEd students for a range of volunteer mentor roles within the Peer Mentor Program for Trimester 3, 2023 and Trimester 1, 2024.

Thinking about joining the ArtsEd Peer Mentor Program?

Being a mentor in the ArtsEd Peer Mentoring program will help you develop and demonstrate your transferable skills in preparation for your future career, while giving you the rewarding experience of supporting another student on their path to success.

Want to know more? We asked current ArtsEd peer mentor Rheegan Ellis (pictured) to tell us a little bit about her experience as a peer mentor and why this role can be so personally and professionally rewarding. 

Why should students consider becoming an ArtsEd peer mentor – what’s in it for them?
Peer mentoring is a fun and social way to give back to new Deakin students and pass on the knowledge that mentors have learnt so far through their Deakin courses. New mentees are matched with mentors studying similar degrees, so as a mentor you can offer new students valuable advice based on your first-hand experience as a student. 

What would you say to students who aren’t sure they are prepared or qualified to be role models for other students?
Peer mentors also provide social support, which is about helping new students connect and build relationships within the Faculty of Arts and Education. You don’t have to be a super outgoing student to be a mentor, as it’s all about meeting new people and helping them grow both academically and socially, which in turn can really help you build confidence as a mentor.

What’s been your favourite thing or most valuable lesson from your experience as an ArtsEd peer mentor?  
My experience as an ArtsEd peer mentor, for over a year now, has taught me just how enriching it is to give back to your Deakin community. I have not only been able to pass on knowledge that I have picked up throughout my course, but have also learned so much from my mentees.

It is such a wonderful opportunity to connect with all different kinds of people within the faculty, inside what is a very supportive and inviting environment.

Keep an eye out for Rheegan on the Deakin Life social channels for more info about why becoming an ArtsEd peer mentor is such a great opportunity!

See yourself as a peer mentor?

If you’re interested in acting as a positive influence and role model for new ArtsEd students while also gaining valuable professional experience, then check out the Arts and Education Peer Mentoring webpage for full details and apply today to become an ArtsEd Peer Mentor! 

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