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Students working in computer lab

19 April 2023

How to get Microsoft learning tools for free!

Do you need additional productivity and developer tools for your study? Get a head start by accessing some great Microsoft tools – at no cost to you!

Microsoft Azure logoYou already have access to Microsoft 365, including the Office apps and 1TB of storage in OneDrive. As part of Deakin’s agreement with Microsoft, all students can also use Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching.

This program allows you to access full installs such as Microsoft Windows operating systems (for example, Windows 10 and 11 Education Edition), developer tools like Visual Studio and productivity tools (for example, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Project).

It also includes Azure cloud computing facilities and training materials to learn Azure operations, app development (for example, Python, .NET), database administration, artificial intelligence, data science and other technical skills.

Get started now

To get your free access, just sign into the Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching portal using your Deakin email address and credentials.

While some of the tools are for Mac and Linux, or operate within your browser, most of the downloadable products are for Windows. If you have a Mac or Linux computer, you can install VirtualBox for free, then install Windows as a virtual machine.

Need some help with Azure Dev Tools for Teaching? Just contact Microsoft Support.

You can also find, download and install other software for your computer via the Deakin Software Library

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