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14 March 2023

How to apply for an assessment extension or special consideration in T1

Meeting your assessment requirements and deadlines is a fundamental part of uni. This includes submitting each assessment by its due date – the last day on which your assessment must reach your faculty or be submitted.

Sometimes factors beyond your control may mean you struggle to complete a unit assessment on time. There’s ways to deal with these types of situations, including applying for an assessment extension or special consideration.

Assessment extensions

If you think you’re not going to meet your due date, you should ask your Unit Chair for help as soon as you become aware of the problem. They may grant you an extension of up to seven days (this period has been reduced from 14 days as of Trimester 1, 2023).

Please note: Students with a DRC Access Plan and/or using NIKERII Student Support services may be granted additional reasonable adjustments to extensions between seven and up to fourteen days by the Unit Chair.

Requesting an extension does not guarantee that you’ll receive one. Your Unit Chair will consider how much of the work you’ve completed so far, the importance of subsequent due dates and feedback in your unit, the weighting of the assessment towards the overall unit grade and the reason provided for the extension (you may be asked to provide supporting evidence).

Typical reasons for being granted an extension include:

How to apply

To request an extension, use the Extension Request tool in the ‘Assessment’ tab on your unit site:

Drop-down Assessment menu, with the options of Assignments, Grades, Quizzes, Extension Request
This form can’t be used for end-of-unit assessments.

You must apply before the due date. If you submit your work late without an approved extension, it will be subject to a marking penalty or may not be marked at all. Also remember that assessment extensions can affect follow-on tasks, delay feedback and increase time pressure later, so try to meet the deadline where you can.

Learn more about assessment extensions.

Special consideration

Circumstances within your control (such as misreading timetables, submitting an assessment incorrectly or late, assessment stress, poor time management or holidays) and minor ailments (such as colds or sleeplessness) are not grounds for special consideration. 

You should apply for special consideration if:

You’ll need to provide documentary evidence, such as a medical certificate or IT Help support ticket.

If your request is granted, you may be asked to submit a special assessment task, be given a new submission date or sit a special assessment task in the next available supplementary/special assessment task period.

How to apply

You need to apply through StudentConnect no more than three University working days after the due date. You must provide separate applications and supporting documents for each assessment item. Read our handy guide or ask your Unit Chair for help if needed.

Learn more about special consideration.

Other help is available

Whether you need assistance with a unit, there’s a particular academic skill you’d like to improve or you have a personal issue that’s affecting your ability to study, we have a range of professional services available. These may help you to meet your assessment deadlines and feel in control of your studies:

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