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18 January 2023

Do you use LastPass? Please review your account immediately following a recent security breach

If you are a LastPass user, please take a moment to immediately review and update your LastPass details following a recent security incident.

What happened? 

As you may already know, LastPass was targeted in a cyber security attack that resulted in a significant breach impacting all users. From what we understand, the attacker exfiltrated LastPass vaults from a third-party backup provider that LastPass uses.

Although most of the information breached was encrypted, we are aware that the attackers gained the ability to access the information stored in LastPass from some personal LastPass accounts that weren’t using Deakin Single Sign-On (SSO), have not had the correct security settings or had weak passwords.

What immediate action do I need to take?

If you are not using Deakin SSO to log into LastPass, we recommend you take the following actions.

In your LastPass ‘Security Dashboard’, if you have a ‘master password alert’, it is recommended that you update important passwords in your LastPass vault.

Screenshot of LastPass vault and selected Security Dashboard highlight security score and to the right a master password alert to change the password.

How do I stay safe?

Visit the LastPass website for more information, and contact LastPass support if you have any further concerns regarding your personal LastPass account.  

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