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17 August 2022

Ready to Vibe Up? Participate in this world-first wellbeing study of uni students

Do you regularly feel worry or tension in your day-to-day life? Research suggests more than one in four uni students experience high levels of stress that negatively impact their studies, relationships and daily routines.

Deakin is currently collaborating with the Black Dog Institute (BDI) in developing an app called Vibe Up which aims to improve the mental wellbeing of university students. The BDI is a not-for-profit medical research organisation focusing on mental health and, together with the Applied Artificial Intelligence Institute (A2I2) at Deakin University, the institute is now trialing the Vibe Up app among tertiary students who may be experiencing elevated stress levels.

Why should I try the Vibe Up app?

By participating in a short trial of the Vibe Up app, you will learn evidence-based strategies to manage your stress and improve your personal wellbeing, in addition to helping the research team find ways to improve the wellbeing of all Australian uni students.

Once you complete the study, you’ll receive a confidential and personalised report about your wellbeing with tailored suggestions for staying well, in addition to a $30 gift card to say thank you!

What will my participation involve? 

If you are eligible to participate, you will be invited to complete daily questionnaires and/or activities via the Vibe Up app for a period of 30 days. Developed using artificial intelligence, and with input from a range of mental health professionals, the app will deliver you tailored recommendations and practical interventions to improve your mental health and wellbeing based on your level of distress. 

I’m interested – how can I take part?

To learn more about trialing the Vibe Up app and the eligibility criteria, visit the Vibe Up webpage on the BDI website now.

To get started, you’ll be asked to complete a 10-minute survey to see if you’re eligible and to provide informed consent to participate. If you are selected to take part, you’ll be notified by SMS when you can begin the study.

The trials begin at different times throughout 2022, so register your interest today and get your Vibe Up!

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