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Two students looking at mobile outside at Waurn Ponds Campus

2 May 2022

Tell us how we could make campus life better for you and score a $40 gift card!

Are you an on-campus student based at Burwood or Waurn Ponds? Deakin is currently conducting a project to understand more about your experience on campus so we can create better, student-centred facilities for you.

We’re interested in collecting photos and comments from students, so we can know more about the places you go, what you enjoy, and what can be improved.

Participation will take a total of 20–30 minutes of your time across one week and you will receive a $40 pre-paid Visa gift card for your efforts.

So, what will my participation involve? 

For one week you will send us some photos* and comments during the day when you’re on campus. We will do this over WhatsApp.

We are interested in understanding some elements of your experience on campus, in particular:

We want to know what works and doesn’t work for you.

*What if this format doesn’t suit me? If you have a visual impairment, or any other issue that makes participation difficult, please let us know so we can make an alternative arrangement that suits you.

What if I’m not on campus every day?

You don’t need to be on campus every day to participate, just take part whenever you are on campus (whether it is one day or four days is fine). We anticipate, on average, students will supply between four and twelve posts across the week.

Where do I send the photos?

When you register your interest, we will connect with you via WhatsApp before you begin. If you don’t have WhatsApp, please download it. If for some reason you can’t use WhatsApp, let us know and we will make alternative arrangements.

What sort of content do you want?

While you’re on campus, take a photo and send us a note on:

For example:

Try not to think about it too much! It should only take you about 30 seconds per post. We just want to capture your spontaneous thoughts in the moment.

Should I post during the day or at the end of the week?

It is preferable if you can send them during the day (as they happen), or at the end of each day. We won’t respond to every post you submit but we will check in with you at the end of the day.

What are my insights being used for?

The University is currently looking at how to improve the campus to create great experiences for all students. Your photos and comments will be analysed to help us identify projects to make this happen.

Who will see my posts? Will I be identified?

Some of the images and comments you submit may be used in presentations, but you will remain anonymous. Any visible faces will be blurred or images sized so that people cannot be identified.  We will not personally identify you or link you to the images. We ask for your name and contact details in the sign-up so we can contact you, but your details will not be part of the analysis.

Sounds good! How do I sign up?

Register to participate now, download Whatsapp (if you need to), and watch out for a message from us!

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