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15 December 2021

Do you have any T3 exams? You must check your exam timetable and other details

The Trimester 3 exam period isn’t too far away – it will run from Thursday 10 to Friday 18 February 2022. If your units include exams, you must be available to sit them during this timeframe.

Most exams and final assessments will be delivered online through your CloudDeakin unit site. Some courses/units with accreditation requirements also have on-campus exams. If this applies to you, you’ll have received an email to your Deakin email address.

The exam timetable was released on Monday 13 December, and it’s essential that you check to see when your exams are scheduled and that all your information is up to date.

Here’s what you need to do now.

Check your exam details

Understand how online exams will work

Online exams/assessments may comprise the following options:

Confirm your exam location details/time zone are correct

In your exam timetable, we have recorded a ‘Current location’ for you. This must represent the time zone you’ll be in during exams. Most online final assessments will be time-limited and require you to start at the Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) listed in StudentConnect.

If you need to set or change your location for time zone purposes, you can do so until Thursday 13 January without any fee or Thursday 27 January with a fee – no further changes will be possible after this. Please do this as early as possible – updating this information is important for the timing of your exam.

Remember to plan ahead! If you have exams of varying durations and submission times that overlap, these aren’t considered clashes. Exam dates and times won’t be changed.

Start to prepare

Now that you know exactly when your exams will be, you can get prepared by:

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