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17 November 2021

Amp up your CV for 2022: try a free online short course on FutureLearn Campus today

No matter where you may be, if you’re looking to keep your professional development humming along into 2022 (or perhaps you’re keen to pursue another passion or hobby), take a look at the many online short courses Deakin can now provide you with FutureLearn Campus.  

What is FutureLearn Campus?

Deakin’s collaboration with FutureLearn Campus aims to provide all students with opportunities to undertake additional learning online with short courses. The courses available on FutureLearn Campus are designed to offer you career-enhancing skills and the chance to develop new hobbies, all while giving you a connected social experience that encourages interactions between you, your peers and your course educators. 

FutureLearn Campus allows you to:

What sort of short courses are available? 

There are more than 350 short courses to choose from, so you’re sure to find one that excites you! You can search for courses on FutureLearn Campus by using filters (along the left-hand pane) to find a short course that suits your interests and goals. 

You can filter by subject (such as Business & Management, Creative Arts & Media, Nature & Environment, Politics & Society, Literature, Healthcare & Medicine etc) or by start date (are you ready to start now, or would you like to start later?). 

Sounds great! How do I access FutureLearn Campus? 

To begin, visit Deakin’s FutureLearn Campus:

  1. Select the ‘Start Learning now’ button. 
  2. You will be prompted to sign in using your Deakin Single Sign-On credentials (including Duo).
  3. If it’s the first time you are using FutureLearn Campus, you will be asked to link any existing FutureLearn account you may have (via the Sign In button), or you will need to create a new FutureLearn account (via the Register button) and consent to the accounts being linked.
  4. You will then be taken to a welcome page where you can then browse the range of courses available. 
  5. When you find a course that you’d like to join, simply select the ‘Join course for free’ button and select the ‘FutureLearn Campus’ option to get your free upgraded access!

Having difficulty signing in?

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