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21 June 2021

Create your T2/2021 timetable by Wednesday 30 June

It’s timetable time! You can now enter your Trimester 2 (T2) preferences in STAR (Student Timetable Allocation and Registration).

But there’s no need to rush – STAR doesn’t allocate any choices until the preference entry period closes at 10am, Wednesday 30 June. So whether you enter your choices early or at the last minute, you have an equal chance of getting your preferred timetable.

In T2, we’ll be continuing with blended study – featuring both on-campus and online learning.

Who needs to create a T2 timetable

How to create your timetable

How to understand your timetable

Due to blended study in T2, your timetable may have a mixture of on-campus and online activities:

Where to get help

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