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5 May 2021

Money matters: could you use advice from a DUSA Financial Counsellor?

Are money worries or personal debts interfering with your peace of mind or ability to concentrate on your studies? If so, we encourage you to get in touch with DUSA’s Financial Counselling Service to help you get back on track. 

Run by your Student Association since 2018, this free and confidential service puts you in touch with experienced financial counsellors who can help you navigate a sudden financial crisis or chronic financial difficulties. The sole aim of DUSA’s Financial Counsellors is to help you resolve any financial hardships so you can experience optimal wellbeing and successfully complete your studies.

So, what does a financial counsellor do?

Financial counsellors are trained to help people who are experiencing financial difficulty. They are skilled professionals who will guide you through your options and help you plan your way out of debt. A financial counsellor can:

How could a financial counsellor help me?

A DUSA Financial Counsellor can provide you information and advice about:

To learn more, check out this video in which student Rachel tells her story about how DUSA’s Financial Counselling Service helped her establish a realistic budget, get her finances back on track, and even referred her to relevant Study Support services at Deakin to help get her catch up on her coursework. 

We can help you manage your finances in many ways

In addition to the one-on-one help our financial counsellors provide, DUSA can help you get your money matters sorted by referring you to other helpful programs.

Contact us today

Don’t let stress over your finances impact your health or studies – we are here to help you, no matter what your situation may be!

DUSA’S Financial Counselling is a non-judgmental, independent, confidential and free service provided to inform, support and advocate for all students facing financial difficulty. Any advice you receive is also obligation-free – once you’ve spoken to a DUSA Financial Counsellor, it’s then up to you to make decisions about how you wish to manage your situation with the advice you’ve been given.

Receiving support from a financial counsellor can relieve your money worries, so we hope to speak to you soon. To make a free, confidential appointment with a DUSA Financial Counsellor, visit your DUSA office on campus, the DUSA website, send us an enquiry online, or contact us via telephone on (03) 9246 8615.

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