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27 April 2021

Develop your career with our business masterclasses

Are you keen to enhance your communication skills, become a project management expert or learn how to manage workplace change? Our MBA masterclasses are just what you need!

These short courses are taught by big names in business, and are designed to turbo-boost your knowledge of current and emerging business topics and trends more quickly than through a traditional trimester unit.

Plus, the intensive study format makes it easier to fit your learning around your work and lifestyle commitments.

Who they’re for

The masterclasses are designed for MBA students, including those undertaking a Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma of Business Administration, and will count as credit points towards your course.

But you don’t have to be an MBA student to benefit. If you’re a postgraduate student interested in furthering your career in the business world and enhancing your employability, you’ll find the content equally valuable and relevant.

How they work

Designed to be succinct and informative, each masterclass offers between 12 and 20 hours of learning. You’ll need to complete an assessment for each masterclass.

After successfully completing the assessment, you’ll receive a Certificate of Completion from the Deakin Business School. If you’re an MBA student, you can also stack two masterclasses together – this is equivalent to one elective unit.

Masterclasses will be scheduled as a mix of weekend and weekday evenings. Some may run over three or four weeks, while others may be an intensive single weekend offering. Some masterclasses are offered face-to-face and others are online.

You must attend all sessions listed for any masterclass you are attending and you’ll need to pay the full fee of $1800 per class upfront – FEE-HELP is not available.

What’s on offer

We cover a range of important business topics, including CX, Agile, design thinking and other emerging areas. You’ll find information on each masterclass topic, agenda and assessment criteria on the registration page, with additional details provided after you register.

Upcoming classes in April to June are:

Other masterclasses are scheduled for July to October, so view the full program.

Not sure if this format is for you? Read what some past students have to say:

Being board-savvy with Jo Plummer

Jo is knowledgeable and fun. I liked how she ensured the ‘quiet ones’ in the class participated rather than just the more vocal ones. She facilitated each session beautifully.

Managing your message with Naomi Robson

The depth and knowledge that Naomi has and shared with us was phenomenal. It was clear she took a lot of time to give us all such personalised feedback which was amazing, and really helped ensure we each got the most out of the masterclass.

More information

For further information on the masterclass program, please read our frequently asked questions or visit the masterclass webpage.

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