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Two female students talking in Deakin residence

9 February 2021

Studying online? Why living on campus is still the place to be!

In 2020, students shifted to online learning as a result of the impact of COVID-19. Many welcomed the opportunity to tune into tutorials or watch recorded lectures at their own pace, and at a time which best suited them, whether that was 2pm or 2am!

This year, there is likely to be a degree of blended learning, featuring a variety of on-campus activities complemented by online components. Whatever your circumstances might be, don’t assume that if your course is partially or completely online there’s no value in choosing to live on campus. Here are five key reasons why Deakin Res is still the best place to be in 2021.

1. Community

It’s no surprise that one of the things students really look forward to when embarking on university study is the chance to meet like-minded people and make new friends. When you live on campus, you’re provided with plenty of opportunities to meet other students, including those studying within your course or area of study.

Unlike others who will simply be ‘logging on and off’ with limited interaction in between, you’ll have the chance to connect with other residents sharing your apartment, unit or building; gather in shared COVIDSafe study spaces; or make the most of outdoor areas to chat about your latest lecture, test or assignment. Better yet, after a long day of Zoom classes, you can catch up for a game of basketball, walk or coffee with other residents and genuinely ‘disconnect’.

2. Convenience

While you might not need to walk the five-minute journey to your lecture hall anymore, there are a number of other reasons why living on campus is super convenient. Our residents frequently tell us that one of the things they most love about living at Deakin Res is the access to a variety of spaces to suit their study and socialising needs. This includes your own private bedroom, but also a diverse range of other dedicated communal facilities like study and recreational rooms for both learning and play.

You’ve also got direct access to some of the most important university facilities and support services – most notably the library, gym, medical and counselling centres, and, of course, some of the best coffee going around!

3. High-speed internet

We understand that having access to high-speed internet has never been more critical, especially when it comes to your university studies. Living on campus means that you have access to some of the fastest internet speeds available, whether it’s to access course notes, download lectures, engage in discussion forums, or stream the latest movies or games.

You can work or play on your devices anywhere in the residences at no extra cost, saving you a ton of mobile data charges!

4. Safety and security

One of the great things about living on campus, whatever your mode of study, is access to support and security staff 24/7. At Deakin Res you’ll always be able to gain access to an on-site staff member, with additional staff available to provide an immediate response in cases such as a lockout or during more serious emergencies. We also understand the importance of a COVIDSafe environment.

We’ve introduced a number of measures at each of our campuses, including hand sanitising stations, additional welfare checks and increased cleaning. Student accommodation at Deakin truly is a safe place to live, and your health and wellbeing is a top priority.

5. A one-of-a-kind experience

Last, but certainly not least, by choosing to live in our residences you’ll have access to an exciting on‑campus experience, jam-packed with a diverse cultural and social program, and tailored orientation and transition. During any month, you’ll have the chance to try out activities like yoga or Zumba, engage in virtual trivia nights, learn new cooking skills, showcase your skills at a Resi’s Got Talent or attend leadership development workshops.

Even if your studies remain online, throughout your time you will be engaging in meaningful experiences, trying out new things and learning new skills that will make your year truly one to remember.

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Originally published on the Deakin Res blog.

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