Andrew Dean, AI and Reading/Writing Futures research

Andrew Dean presented AI and the Future of Literary Studies in Sydney Review of Books in March 2023, In this paper, he explores the university mission statement, poetry and AI generation of language, among other sources of AI/literary studies interest:

We have long presumed that writing is one of the most human of activities, that it is one of the least available to machine replication. For many of us, it feels as close to the heart as love is – and machines cannot love. Certainly, some of the greatest accounts of human creativity encourage us to think this way. …

This has been followed up at one of the early Seminars for Reading and Writing Futures, the AI and Literary Studies seminar held on 4 May. The Reading and Writing Futures research group was formed at the end of 2022 to:

  • Grow and enhance research culture
  • Develop cross-level engagement, especially through Higher Degree by Research candidates’ involvement and mentoring
  • Develop excellence in research outputs for the group.

There will be more details shortly about the research program for 2023.