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June 24, 2022

Technology, Libraries and Learning – a 2022 VALA wrap-up

Didn’t get the chance to attend VALA 2022 in person or virtually this year? Don’t fret! We’ve got some byte-sized snacks for you.

Keynote Capture

Gerry McGovern educated us on the incredible waste created by digital – not just our devices and the constant need to upgrade, but also by the sheer volume of data that needs to be stored somewhere. An estimated 90% of data isn’t used after its creation! Storing that content has drastic implications for our environment.

Alison Macrina made us feel uncomfortably aware of our lack of privacy in the pandemic world. Happily Alison also shared the Library Freedom Project which is actively developing individual and collective abilities to minimise the impact or reach of surveillance society.

Melissa Terras (University of Edinburgh) spoke of how digitisation of cultural materials drives, yet also limits, Digital Humanities research. She is using cool tools such as Transkribus to unlock historical documents with its AI-powered text recognition and transcription service.

For the Research focused folk, Patrick Splawa-Neyman (Monash University) stepped us through his findings into how researchers and HDR students prefer to engage with the library, and how little most of them knew of research data management practices.

Interesting tech programs or resources to explore


Post authored by Rachael Wilson and Kat Cain.

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