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Sasha Sri Deenathayalan

19 March 2024

Hear how to make the most of your Deakin experience from peer mentor and former club president, Sasha

Your time at Deakin will be full of opportunities to engage with other students and get involved in the university community.

Sasha Sri Deenathayalan is studying Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of International Studies at Geelong Waterfront Campus and in her time here has been a peer mentor, a club president and studied overseas.

‘University has been amazing to me so far,’ says Sasha. ‘I started university in 2021 as a fresh high school leaver. I did a lot of community work at the time and figured that the best way to continue doing this was to get involved in what the University offers. The most brilliant part about studying at Deakin is the fact that they value this part of university, and I have never felt like I cannot pursue this relatively untraditional university experience and my leadership potential has been nourished by Deakin staff and other students alike.’

Sasha has shared some ways in which you can make the most of your Deakin experience.

Join a DUSA club or student society

Deakin Law Students' Society Geelong

Deakin Law Students’ Society Geelong

There are many clubs and societies you can join at Deakin focused on a range of interests, hobbies and sports.

Sasha recounts, ‘I got involved in the Deakin Law Students’ Society Geelong (DLSSG) in my second year of university, as a means of making my university experience much more meaningful. The DLSSG was very good to me, and in my third year, I became the president of the club (pictured above). One amazing thing about studying in Geelong is the communal atmosphere. In my short 12 months as president, I collaborated with the Deakin Commerce Students Society Geelong, the Deakin Geelong Queer Collective and with the faculty to produce events, publications and strategies that could assist with enhancing the university experience for all students alike.’

Check the Deakin University Student Association (DUSA) website to see what clubs are available and how you can join. You can also visit the Deakin Sport and fitness webpage to find out more about joining a social sporting team.

The DLSSG and DCSSG at a collaborative event.

The DLSSG and DCSSG at a collaborative event.

Become a peer mentor or student representative

‘I received many opportunities as a result of this exposure and engagement. I got a chance to become a Faculty Peer Mentor, and then became the Student Chair of the Student Engagement and Experience Committee with the Faculty of Business and Law. To me, it is just as important to nurture your volunteer work and community service as it is for paid work. The student societies are just one way of doing this and exchanges are another.’

Each faculty has student peer mentor programs where you can guide new students as they transition into University life while building your leadership skills.

Becoming a student representative is a great way to share your ideas and make a positive contribution to Deakin’s teaching, learning and general business.

Study abroad

‘I was also able to go on exchange in the Czech Republic and speak a bit about my experiences at Deakin Geelong.’

You can study almost anywhere in the world with Deakin Abroad, for as little as a few weeks or up to a full year.

Sasha Sri Deenathayalan at the United Nations in Vienna whilst on exchange

Sasha Sri Deenathayalan at the United Nations in Vienna whilst on exchange

Get involved

‘I will be continuing to build connections and communities in the Geelong region and worldwide and nourish our campus for the sunshine that it is.’

‘This 2024, make it a goal for yourself to get involved as much as possible and make new friends! I promise that you won’t regret it,’ Sasha encourages.

If you’ve been inspired by Sasha’s story, then try one or more of the above or explore other ways you can get involved at Deakin.

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