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Students smiling as they chat and study together

20 February 2023

Want some help with your T1 units? Join PASS

Want to make the most of Trimester 1 and gain the confidence and skills you need to pass your units? Why not study in a group led by a student who has successfully completed your unit?

Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) is a series of free weekly study sessions offered in selected units, beginning in Week 3 of Trimester 1. 

PASS is open to all students from all campuses.

Why should I join?

The live sessions provide an interactive learning environment so you can work together with other students and receive the support of an experienced student PASS leader to better understand course content. You’ll improve your communication, problem-solving and critical thinking skills while meeting other students in a fun, relaxed and supportive learning environment.

How does it work?

PASS sessions run for 50 minutes at a designated time each week from Weeks 3–10 and are delivered via Zoom. You can join live PASS sessions for your units via the CloudDeakin unit site or by clicking on the session link in the PASS timetable. Please ensure you join the sessions with your Deakin student sign in. 

During Weeks 3–10, you can also join PASS Facebook discussion groups for the unit, where ideas and questions can be posted at any time. See the PASS timetable for more information and links to join the Facebook group for your PASS unit.

Where can I find more information?

Visit the PASS website for more information, where you can check the PASS timetable for T1 to see if your units are offered and join our PASS Facebook groups for support from your peers. 

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