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2 February 2023

What you need to know about ChatGPT and other AI tools

You’ve probably now heard about Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools like ChatGPT.  These are systems which use machine learning to automatically generate content, such as text in the case of ChatGPT, based on a user prompt. Other freely available tools include Elicit for research and TOME for presentations. 

As an innovative and proactive educator, Deakin welcomes you as a student to develop your awareness, knowledge and skills to use these technologies ethically and responsibly so you can graduate as a digitally fluent citizen and employee. We are already seeing AI-assisted tools adopted in many professional workplaces. 

While these tools are still in early stages of development, they are evolving rapidly. As part the University’s DeakinDesign approach, enhancements to assessment and learning design will be informed by tools like ChatGPT. Currently, you can explore using these tools in your investigation of assessment tasks.

However, it’s important to understand that ChatGPT or any other AI tool should not replace your own critical thinking and analysis. There are known issues with how up to date and accurate the information provided by AI tools is, and inappropriate use may constitute cheating. 

Guidelines for use

If you want to explore using ChatGPT or other AI tools to assist with your assignments or research, you should:

  1. Use AI as a tool to assist you in your research and writing, but not as a replacement for your critical thinking and analysis.
  2. Ensure that you appropriately cite and reference any text or output generated by AI in your assignment, along with any other sources you use. You should clearly indicate where in your assessment task you have used AI-generated material.
  3. Understand the AI tool’s limitations and use it in conjunction with other sources to ensure the credibility and reliability of the information you present. You need to check the accuracy of all information generated by AI tools.
  4. Be aware of the University’s student academic integrity policy and ensure that you follow it.
  5. Make sure that the final product is your own work, and not just copied from an AI generator. You can use the generated text as a prompt for inspiration or guidance, but the final submitted assessment must be your work, creation, and analysis.

By following these guidelines, you can use generative AI as a valuable tool to assist you in your research and writing. Understanding how to use these tools correctly is essential to avoiding breaches that could impact your successful course progression and possibly even your graduation. 

For more information, visit the Academic Integrity webpage. 

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