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Image of Chhattisgarh, India

22 July 2022

We offer our support to those affected by the floods in India and Bangladesh

Our Indian and Bangladeshi students and staff are a very important part of the Deakin community. We offer our full support in recognition of the devastating flood emergencies that are currently unfolding in India and Bangladesh. 

Our thoughts and concerns are with our students located both in Australia and in India and Bangladesh, as well as their families. If you need any support during this extremely challenging time, we encourage you to reach out by accessing the following services and resources. 

Student Central 

Contact Student Central in the first instance for help – they can refer you to the support services you need.

By contacting Student Central, you will be provided with advice, referral and support tailored to your needs. You can talk to Student Central about your course requirements and other enrolment needs, including course and unit advice, full-time and part-time study options, and intermission and visa compliance advice.

Academic and study support 

We want to help all students achieve their study outcomes and goals. A range of help is available through our Study Support resources and programs 

If you need more time to complete your assessment tasks, please discuss this with your Unit Chairs in the first instance. They will be best placed to advise you of the assignment extensions or special consideration that is available to you. 

Financial support 

A range of financial assistance options are available – see the financial assistance webpage for more information. Our staff will assess your individual circumstances. You can contact a Financial Assistance Officer through Student Central. 

Health and wellbeing support 

During such a difficult time, it is essential that you look after your physical and mental health and wellbeing. If you’re located in Australia, you can access the following services: 

Specialist international student support 

The International Student Support (ISS) team can help you with other questions you may have and can connect you with other key services at Deakin or within the community. If the information above does not meet your needs please contact Student Central, who can assess your situation and refer you to an International Student Support Officer (ISSO). 

DUSA support 

Deakin’s student union can help you in a range of ways, including through student advocacy and legal services.

Deakin is extremely proud of our multicultural and vibrant student community – diversity is one of our core values and biggest strengths. Our Indian and Bangladeshi community is a much-valued part of that family and the support of the entire University community is with everyone impacted.

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