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Young woman and man laughing as they look at tablet together outside at FedSquare in Melbourne

20 November 2021

Build your personal resilience with Cloudy

How do you become more resilient? Resilience plays an important part in succeeding at your studies and getting the most out of your everyday life. That’s why we’ve created Cloudy, an online resilience toolkit you can use to build your level of resilience.

Cloudy measures your current state of resilience and then supplies you with a series of articles and habit-building activities, with tools and techniques you can use to develop skills across six different areas of resilience:

You can learn more about setting goals, tracking your progress and building your self-confidence. Find out how to stay motivated while you undertake your studies, build a support network and receive and give feedback. You can also try out different types of meditation, time management techniques and reflection exercises.

Join Cloudy today to start working on a better understanding of yourself – just 10 minutes each day can be a great start to developing your own personal resilience toolkit!

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