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A student speaks to a DUSA Advocate

25 March 2021

Worried about an academic or personal matter? DUSA Advocates are here to offer you confidential support

We see many students begin their university studies with an overwhelming sense of positivity and big plans for the future. And yet, while we all hope for the best, life is not always predictable; things can happen that might pull your focus elsewhere or severely impact your ability to successfully undertake your studies. 

You’re not alone – contact your Student Association for help 

At DUSA, our goal is to support all students to be successful. We have qualified and experienced advocates who can provide you free and confidential advice, practical support, and information regarding a range of academic or personal matters. We can assess your situation and discuss possible courses of action to best navigate any problems or barriers.

In what ways can DUSA help?

DUSA’s Student Advocacy and Support Service (SASS) can support and provide you advice on a range of academic matters, including:

We also offer a range of easily accessible resources for students facing personal matters such as financial hardship or an emergency, including:

And, if we’re not the best point of contact, advocates can also refer you to the relevant internal and external support services for additional support.

Get in touch today

If you have any academic or personal circumstances that are troubling you, contact a DUSA Advocate for support and advice. You can reach out via our online form or phone us on (03) 9246 8615. We are always here to help you!

Help DUSA support all students

We’re lucky at Deakin to have free and confidential student representation – everything we do at DUSA is aimed at creating the best possible student experience for YOU!

Whether you are new student or have been studying at Deakin for a while, by registering for a DUSA membership you will not only play a role in supporting our essential Advocacy and welfare services, it will enhance your university experience by helping you save money, forge friendships and gain access to all the fun activities happening both on and off campus. 

Sign up for one of our affordable yearly memberships and let us help you create amazing and unforgettable memories throughout your time at Deakin. To say thanks, when you join us we’ll also give you a membership pack full of goodies!

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