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Desk with computer, lamp, pot plant and artwork

12 February 2021

Simple hacks for creating the perfect online study space

What makes a great study space? It’s important to be in a comfortable and functional space while you’re studying online. Having an area that’s just for you can make it much easier to concentrate on your work. Explore these hacks and see if there’s anything you can do to improve your own study space.

Be ergonomic

Your study space should be a healthy space. Sitting for a long period of time can harm or put stress on your body, so make sure your space is ergonomic. Read our guide to setting up a computer workstation for more information on how to do this.

It’s also a good idea to regularly stand up from your desk. Set a timer for 30–60 minutes and take a short five-minute break when it goes off.

Get comfortable

What’s the most comfortable spot in your home? If you already have an area where you like to spend time, it might be best to set up your study space there. Try to pick a quiet spot that has some natural light. You might like to decorate the space with a few lamps, a pot plant or some motivational posters.

Get focused

Wherever you study, it should be a place where you’re able to concentrate on the task at hand. Choose an area where you’re not going to be disturbed by others. If you don’t have full control over the noise levels in your home, you might want to consider investing in some noise-cancelling headphones.

A great way to add some focus to your study space is to display your study plan nearby. Put your list of study goals onto the wall or print out a copy of the 2021 Trimester planner. There’s also an option to print out a weekly schedule from the study workload planner.

Be functional

Make sure you keep all your study supplies close by. Have any physical textbooks you need to hand and make sure you’re well stocked with plenty of stationery. If you’re getting low on supplies, you can order all sorts of study accessories and stationery from the DUSA Bookshop.

Happy studying!

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