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Yellow sign with illustration of a girl on a sofa. The sign reads COVID signage: Keep your library open; keep your distance

June 8, 2021

COVIDSafe library spaces

One of the key focuses in mid-2020 was reopening our libraries safely, ensuring that we had informative, engaging signs and digital displays that let visitors know about the COVIDSafe restrictions in the library. Even as restrictions around masks and capacity changed throughout the year, our important key messages continued to be relevant. As always, the library wants students to feel that this space is theirs, which is why the underlying message ‘Keep your library open; keep your distance’ reinforced that sense of ownership.

The COVIDSafe messaging was displayed on our five-screen showcase at Waterfront Library and the single-screen digital displays at our other library campuses throughout the second half of 2020 and into 2021, whenever the libraries were open.

Purpose: To support the re-opening of physical library spaces in a COVIDSafe way, delivering key messages around social distancing, health and hygiene in a library context.

Primary target audience:  Visitors to our physical library spaces

Display type: Static, rotating image files

How was it created: Adobe Illustrator

Release date: July 2020

Resource intensity: 3/5

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