Translation and Word-Picture Relationships in Chih-Yuan Chen’s Picturebooks by Dr Sue Chen

Dr Shih-Wen Sue Chen has had a new article published in the International Research in Children’s Literature journal.

Sue uses a combination of comparative anlysis and picturebook theory to examine how the relationship between words and pictures has been changed in English translations of two of Chih-Yuan Chen’s picturebooks.

Chih-Yuan Chen is one of Taiwan’s most successful picturebook author–illustrators, having won international recognition for his books, which have been translated into many languages.


Article citation 

Chen, S (2019). ‘Translation and Word-Picture Relationships in Chih-Yuan Chen’s Picturebooks’, International Research in Children’s Literature, 12(2), pp. 179–194. DOI:

You can find out more about Dr Shih-Wen Sue Chen and her work, here.


*Featured image by Johnny McClung on Unsplash