Prof David Mccooey and Westerly’s ‘Doppelgänger’

‘[…] in this issue we explore how the uncanny manifesting in the form of the Doppelgänger continues to inform, foment, and play through the work of writers and artists’.  Jennifer Rutherford, guest editor.

A special online issue of the journal Westerly, entitled ‘Doppelgänger’ and guest-edited by Jennifer Rutherford, has recently been published, featuring an essay by Professor David McCooey on ‘Uncanny Allusions: Poetry, Film, and Filiation’. This essay is based on the keynote presentation Professor McCooey gave at the Doppelgänger symposium (celebrating the 100th anniversary of Freud’s ‘The Uncanny’) at the University of Adelaide in November 2019. The journal issue can be found here:

Westerly provides a free version: To download this free issue of Westerly Magazine, enter your email address when prompted and Westerly: Doppelgänger will be delivered directly to your inbox.