inspiration-looking-man-mountainCongratulations to all for a fantastic Trimester One. Those of us (including me) that have just finished studying hard for our exams, they are over and now we have a extra couple of weeks off to soak up the….sun?  If only it was summer, oh well.

So whilst you are all rugged up by the fire, sipping on your double shot vanilla, soy milk, extra chocolate mocha chino, (just order a mocha people). Why not begin to plan you’re My Deakin World entry?

‘But Nathan,’ I hear you ask. ‘I have no idea where to begin’.

Well that’s what I’m here for. This week’s blog we are looking at how to find that extra spark of creativity.

Now whether you’re a pro filmmaker or a budding enthusiast our creativity starts with a spark. So let’s look at where we might first be able to work on our skills.


I have very recently been introduced to this fantastic site. It’s more or less an amazing database full of tutorials that aim to improve your practical skills. I recommend heading on over to the video category which tackles everything film. Now the best part is they have videos ranging from Beginners to Advanced so you are sure to find heaps of tutorials that will help you along with your Short Film.


Skillfeed works likes Lynda. A great database full of videos ranging from how to make IPhone videos to advanced DSLR camera tricks and beyond. It’s a great and worthy look.


The largest video sharing website is also my favourite site for outsourcing hints, tips and inspiration. If you have a query, someone out there has made a video about it.

My top channel for you to take a look at is Filmriot. The team at Filmriot main goal is how to make films with little to no budget. They have accumulated a tonne of tutorials for viewers to watch. From iPhone filmmaking for beginners, to high tech filmmaking for all you advanced filmmakers. It’s a highly rewarding watch.

So there you have it, forget Netflix and what overdramatic storylines Home and Away and Neighbours seem to be pumping out this week. Get thinking and inspired by these following websites.

I’ll finish off this blog with a link to a fantastic short film A day in the life of a first year [Harvard] student. This short film is super simple yet extremely effective and highlights perfectly on Anthony’s world at Harvard. So know it’s your turn to tell us your world at Deakin.

Good luck on your results.

Nathan Henderson


My Deakin World – categories

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.’ – Mark Twain

Sometimes the hardest part of completing a job or task is getting started.  Once you have started a path forward often becomes clear.  It is the same with entering My Deakin World – sometimes the hardest part of entering is getting started and making sure you have the right plan.

To make sure you make the best start we thought it would be best to outline the categories for this year’s My Deakin World short film competition.

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My Deakin World Short Film Competition – now open

The second annual My Deakin World Short Film Competition is officially open!  This is a your chance to showcase to everyone what your Deakin world entails.

If you win you could share in a prize pool of $3500 and your film will be shown at Deakin Edge at Federation Square!

As last year’s Pro/Guru category winner, I cannot begin to describe how amazing the Deakin Life short film competition was and the opportunities it opened for me.

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Calling aspiring film makers…

Calling all aspiring filmmakers, my name is Nathan Henderson, winner of the 2014 Pro/Guru category at last years ‘My Deakin World’ short film competition.

What’s that I hear you say ‘What’s My Deakin World?’ Find out….

I am ecstatic to have been brought on board for this year’s committee as a mentor to encourage, inspire and provide assistance to all looking to submit an entry into this year’s competition.

Over the following months I will be posting blogs with helpful hints, tips and my personal experience entering last year’s competition that will help you all put that extra ‘WOW’ factor into your films.

From PRO Filmmakers to those who have never made a film in their life, the following blogs will guide you into making your film stand out from rest of the crowd.

Last year’s event, held at Deakin Edge at Federation Square, was a great success, and this year’s competition promises to be even bigger and better. It is the perfect time to grab a camera/smartphone and showcase to the world what ‘Your Deakin World’ encompasses.

Good luck and get filming the competition opens soon!!

By Nathan Henderson

My Deakin World Short Film Competition 2015

My Deakin World Short Film Competition will return in 2015 with a new wave of entries, new categories and prizes.

Deakin students who are aspiring film producers, or an enthusiastic mobile phone videographers this is your chance to win awesome prizes!  Here is an opportunity for you to tell the world about your Deakin experiences.

Student Life will present the second My Deakin World Short Film Festival, showcasing entries and announcing winners on 1 September at Deakin Edge, Federation Square.

We will have more details to follow shortly – but in the meantime you can have a look at some of our last year’s entries and watch last year’s winning video.

Deakin students taking their movie making skills to the edge!!!

Aspiring film makers and producers had a taste of movie stardom when their short films were shown on the big screen at Federation Square’s Deakin Edge this week.
The films were the result of a challenge Deakin University put to its students to showcase their film making skills by sharing their University experiences in a three minute movie.

The My Deakin World Short Film Competition was open to all Deakin students, with films submitted under the themes: survival tips for students; favourite Deakin events; a day in the life of a Deakin student.

Nathan Henderson was awarded first place in the pro/guru category for his ‘day in the life’ film that moved through various parts of the Melbourne Burwood Campus to show how university life at Deakin is not just about studying, but about ‘surrounding yourself in an environment that is warm and full of vibrancy’.

Kendall Payne and Napaartoq Isak Petrussen took out first place in the enthusiast category. Their film followed Isak’s life as an exchange student from Denmark, from surfing in Lorne to living on-campus and studying in the newly refurbished library at Burwood.

The people’s choice award went to Hussein Haggag, who also came second in the pro/guru category. Hussein, a computer engineering PhD student, mixed animation with video to show how he takes full advantage of every aspect of life at Deakin and in the wider community, including robotics research, a wide range of sporting activities and volunteering.

“We are always looking for innovative ways to engage our students with the University and to support each other,” said John Devereaux, executive director of Deakin Student Life.

“This film competition encouraged our students to put their own personal spin on their experiences and provide their fellow students with insights into how to get involved in university life.

“It was great to see our students embrace the challenge and come up with diverse and entertaining films.”

The top 10 short films were screened at the My Deakin World Short Film Festival at Deakin Edge, Federation Square on Monday 1 September. The films were judged by a panel that included Deakin alumnus and author/screen writer Aaron Sterns, who co-wrote Wolf Creek 2 (Best Screenplay Madrid International Fantastic Film Festival 2014).

Prizes were awarded under the categories of pro/guru, enthusiast and people’s choices (the winners are listed below).

1st prize ($1000):  Nathan Henderson
2nd prize ($500): Hussein Haggag
3rd prize ($200): Fathimah Himmah / Lachlan Brown (equal third)
1st prize ($500): Kendall Payne and Napaartoq Isak Petrussen
2nd prize ($200): Rebecca Emmert and Elodie Lee

People’s Choice ($200): Hussein Haggag
(Voted by students and the community)