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A male international student and female international student are consulted by an International Students Adviser

13 May 2024

Need help as an international student? Book in with the International Student Support Team!

Living in a new country, as an international student, there’s a lot to think about! Adjusting to a new culture, doing well at your studies, making friends, looking after yourself: it can easily become overwhelming. But you’re not alone, there are people here at Deakin that can help you.

The International Student Support Team

For personal support, you can now book in to talk to one of our International Student Support Team Members.

The International Student Support Team can help you with a wide range of things, including:

And, they can also refer you to other key services at Deakin and in the local community, including health care, counselling, volunteering opportunities and study support. 

Don’t hesitate to book an appointment if you need some assistance.

Other support

For advice on your enrolment, course plan or academic progress, you should contact Student Central.

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