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Research Project: Scheduling and timetabling for pilot training

Funded by DSTG ALGORA Vicky Mak-Hau and Sergey Polyakovskiy This project aims to develop a highly intelligent planning tool that integrates simulation, optimisation and data analysis for the daily scheduling of training lessons while, at the same time, allocate limited resources under complex resource restrictions.

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Research Project: An optimisation-based framework for non-classical Chebyshev approximation

ARC Discovery grant Julien Ugon, Marco Lopez-Cerdá, Nadeza Sukhorukova, Vera Roshchina, Jean-Pierre Crouzeix and Nira Dyn This project aims to solve open problems in multivariate and piecewise polynomial approximation – two directions that correspond to fundamental obstacles to extending classical approximation results. Through an innovative combination of optimisation and algebraic technique, this project intends to […]

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