SIT-Deakin Excellence in Undergraduate Mathematics Program – Presentations Day 2021

Every year some of our undergraduate students produce outstanding work that exceeds expectations, by participating in summer research projects and/or as part of their coursework. In an effort to celebrate and promote their achievements, the maths team from the School of IT has organised the Deakin Excellence in Undergraduate Mathematics Program, which consists of two events: a mini-conference, where undergraduate students who participate in summer research projects are invited to give presentations on their work, and a yearbook, where students are invited to contribute short report based on their project or coursework.

The primary goal of the mini-conference has been to share our students’ pride in their achievements, as well as celebrating our collaboration with students on small research projects.  The event was held today with all students doing very well in their presentations. 

Emma-Lee Srdarev – Fast community detection with graph sparsification applied to a cyber security dataset 

Duc Minh La (Bob) – Rational approximation – finding the perfect spot

Alex Hocking – Bandwidth in the brain

Lena Vogelsang – Analysing local properties of brain networks to predict neuronal communication pathways


A recording is available here:

We’ll now look forward to seeing some of the work from these presentations included in the Mathematics Yearbook 2021, along with other invited submissions based on exceptional student work in our undergraduate mathematics subjects. 

We’d like to thank all those who were able to attend the presentations online today and for your support of our students.  We’d also like to think the support of the faculty and AMSI in providing the funding for these projects and the School of IT for it’s support of the Yearbook and in assistance in organising the presentation day.


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